Research Interests

I am interested in reinforcement learning, unsupervised Learning and neuroscience.


2019 “Hindsight Credit Assignment” by Anna Harutyunyan, Will Dabney, Thomas Mesnard, Mohammad Gheshlaghi Azar, Bilal Piot, Nicolas Heess, Hado P van Hasselt, Gregory Wayne, Satinder Singh, Doina Precup and Remi Munos. In: NeurIPS 2019. pdf

2018 “Ghost Units Yield Biologically Plausible Backprop in Deep Neural Networks” by Thomas Mesnard, Gaëtan Vignoud, Joao Sacramento, Walter Senn and Yoshua Bengio. In: CCN 2018. pdf

2018 “Generalization of Equilibrium Propagation to Vector Field Dynamics” by Benjamin Scellier, Anirudh Goyal, Jonathan Binas, Thomas Mesnard, and Yoshua Bengio. In: ICLR 2018. Workshop. pdf

2017 “STDP-Compatible Approximation of Backpropagation in an Energy-Based Model” by Yoshua Bengio, Thomas Mesnard, Asja Fischer, Saizheng Zhang, and Yuhuai Wu. In: Neural computation. pdf

2016 “Towards deep learning with spiking neurons in energy based models with contrastive Hebbian plasticity” by Thomas Mesnard, Wulfram Gerstner, and Johanni Brea. In: NIPS 2016. Computing with Spikes Workshop. pdf poster

2015 “Towards biologically plausible deep learning” by Yoshua Bengio, Dong-Hyun Lee, Jorg Bornschein, Thomas Mesnard, and Zhouhan Lin. In: arXiv. pdf


PhD student in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
2019 - Present
École Polytechnique

MSc in Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision (a.k.a Master MVA).
2016 - 2017
Computer Science Department, École Normale Supérieure, Paris. Completed with honors.
Supervisor: Francis Bach

Work Experience

Research Assistant at DeepMind, Paris, France.
2019 - Present

Research Internship at DeepMind, London, UK.
2018 - 2019 - 5 months
Supervisor: Rémi Munos

Research Internship at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, University of Montreal
2017 - 2018 - 1 year
Supervisors: Blake Richards and Yoshua Bengio

Research Internship at the Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience, EPFL
2016 - 4 months
Supervisors: Johanni Brea and Wulfram Gerstner

Research Internship at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, University of Montreal
2015 - 5 months
Supervisor: Yoshua Bengio


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